Booking lessons ?

Book your Spanish lessons or pronunciation consultancies

  • You will learn to communicate naturally in specific everyday situations, such as:
    • order some tapas in a bar;
    • interact with strangers on the street;
    • succeed at a job interview;
    • nail a pitch in your office; etc.
  • You will improve your pronunciation and fluency

Classes are 55 minutes long and based on conversation. You will have a Google Drive folder with all the links and files we use, the correction of all your mistakes and homework (if you want).

Of course, you can book a 25-minute class to make sure you want to be my student.

However, it is absolutely necessary to take a level test before booking in order to get the most out of the class. If you want to do so, subscribe to my newsletter and you will find the link to the tests at the end of the welcome email.

In the trial lesson we will introduce ourselves and talk about a topic of your interest. At the end we will plan the classes together to achieve your goals as soon as possible ??

These consultancies are aimed at experienced students who already know grammar and can communicate in Spanish without problems, as well as Spanish teachers that want to improve their accent or learn to pronounce phonemes that do not exist in their language.

Consultancies are 30 minutes long and are based on specific pronunciation work, with exercises and progressions for each of the target sounds.

If you want to improve your northern Spanish accent with its melodic curves and its zetas, erres and jotas,this is for you.